Driven by the COVID-19 epidemic to accelerate the rapid development of contactless services, Apacer, a leading global supplier of industrial storage and memory, has teamed up with AOPEN. Apacer’s Double-barreled Solution: Cloud Edition technology for remote SSD monitoring and CoreSnapshot one-second backup and recovery technology will upgrade AOPEN’s AiCU (AOPEN Intelligent Control Unit) remote device management (RDM) solution. This solution is already in use by a leading supplier of EV charging stations, and will allow for remote deployment, warnings and troubleshooting in applications such as smart retail and digital signage. Remote backup and recovery as well as BIOS/OS/firmware updating will help prevent system disasters due to hacks or unexpected crashes. The second-generation AiCU intelligent RDM platform has been upgraded to help customers significantly reduce operating costs and pain points while realizing higher profits.

Although the penetration rate of RDM solutions is increasing, most customers still have to rely on maintenance personnel to encounter remote system problems. In order to relieve customers' pain points, Cui Zhicheng, director of AOPEN’s Industrial PC Business Unit, said the cooperation with Apacer adds real customer benefits to the existing advantages offered by the AiCU smart RDM service. Customers can monitor the status of an SSD via the cloud in real-time, analyzing data as it comes in and responding as needed. When an SSD’s lifespan reaches a critical value, or an abnormal disconnection occurs, the warning function will immediately notify the administrator to take action. And the damage related to disasters will be greatly reduced thanks to Apacer's CoreSnapshot technology. Now the data and OS from a compromised SSD can be completely restored in just one second. An administrator can trigger this process remotely via the AiCU, resolving the crisis, minimizing downtime and greatly reducing manpower and maintenance costs. Remote management also has the advantage of eliminating the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Cindy Huang, Vice President of Apacer’s Sales and Marketing Center, further explained that AOPEN has expanded into the areas of touchless kiosks, self-checkout machines and digital signage applications, and has been working hard for a long time to deeply understand the needs and pain points of customers. This cooperation will enhance AiCU’s disaster prevention functionality and extend disaster recovery services, justifying Apacer's extensive R&D investment and broadening market applications. At present, the two parties are working together to introduce the second-generation AiCU upgrade for a leading EV charging station supplier, and building a complete AIoT platform for rapid deployment, preventive management, and immediate troubleshooting of IoT connected devices. In the future, Apacer and AOPEN will steadily expand together throughout the global market.

The cooperation of Apacer and AOPEN provides efficient batch device management for all network operators, as well as advanced deployment and easy prevention of system disasters, making it the best choice for system administrators. For all IoT integrators – whether they’re in a fast-food restaurant, a retail mall or a general enterprise – AiCU offers the easiest way to integrate devices, reduce overall costs and deliver greater management efficiency.

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Apacer Teamed Up with AOPEN