Automotive Power MOSFETs

June 1, 2017 | 10:56
Automotive Power MOSFETs
Automotive Power MOSFETs
STMicroelectronics has released two new MOSFETs in the advanced PowerFLAT Dual Side Cooling (DSC) package. These components measure just 5 x 6 mm, enabling higher power density in automotive electronic control units (ECUs).
The STLD200N4F6AG and STLD125N4F6AG are 40 V MOSFETs designed for automotive engine control applications. With a low 0.8 mm profile, the PowerFLAT package has the same footprint and thermally optimized bottom surface as the standard package, but with the source electrode exposed on the top surface to enhance power dissipation. This allows a larger rated current.
Both MOSFETs are suitable for a maximum drain current of 120 A. The maximum on resistance is 1.5 mΩ or 3.0 mΩ, respectively. Thanks to the low gate charge (172 nC or 91 nC, respectively) and capacitance, the devices can switch efficiently at high frequencies.
These are the first members of a new family of devices fabricated using the STripFET F6 trench-gate structure. They are designed for applications in extremely harsh environments and high temperatures in engine compartments (up to 175°C).
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