In consideration of the strict requirements for product stability and reliability in aerospace and defense applications, Apacer, the world's leading industrial storage and memory manufacturer, has launched a series of rugged industrial SSDs, which uses industrial-grade wide-temperature ICs sourced directly from the original manufacturers. Defense series SSDs have withstood eight high-level military tests to ensure that they maintain normal operation under harsh conditions such as high and low temperatures, humidity changes, and powerful vibration and impacts. They support a number of cutting-edge software, hardware, and firmware security technologies that help avoid data access problems or errors and prevent confidential and sensitive data from being stolen. The Defense series SSDs are ideal for applications in the aerospace and defense fields, such as surveillance systems, navigation systems, communications equipment, radar systems, rugged computers, and unmanned aerial /ground/water vehicles. They stand up to the challenges of harsh environments while still offering reliable protection for confidential information.

The US Department of Defense has a complex set of military standards, which determine a device's ability to withstand certain hazards. The Defense series has undergone testing and meets military specifications for shock, vibration, humidity, high and low temperature, thermal shock, altitude, salt fog, and radiation. Although the first four of these tests are better known, the latter four are more complicated. A thermal shock test exposes components to rapid cycles between high and low temperatures, while an altitude test simulates the effects of high pressure in an aircraft flying at 80,000 feet. A salt fog test uses a five-percent salt spray to simulate accelerated corrosion in a relatively slow airflow environment, and a radiation test simulates the full-spectrum interference environment that heat and sunlight can create. As an example of Apacer's dedication to reliability, consider a flight instrument control board, which calculates the flight altitude and azimuth for an accelerator that integrates barometer and GPS data. This control board is likely highly sensitive to vibration, and any abnormality has the potential to seriously affect flight safety. Through a unique construction method utilizing sidefill technology, Apacer designed devices that can withstand testing for vibration according to the MIL-STD 810G 514.6 standard for Fixed Wing Jet Aircraft.

Instant Keychange technology

Data accuracy and security have always been crucial issues for aerospace and defense applications. In order to ensure secure access of data and protection of confidential information, Apacer customized a comprehensive range of cutting-edge information security technologies for software, hardware, and firmware. In addition to multiple protection technologies such as write, read, delete, encryption, and security updates, the Defense series SSD also supports Instant Keychange™ technology. This is based on the AES encryption and decryption algorithm and uses hardware and software trigger commands to destroy the original key and create a new one within a second. Sensitive data in danger of falling into enemy hands can be immediately rendered unreadable. These SSDs also support MIL-Erase military specification data removal technology. This erases the drive and then overwrites the area with meaningless data multiple times, ensuring that the original data can never be recovered.

Apacer focuses on value enhancement and has accumulated long-term experience in industrial storage R&D, manufacturing, testing, and vertical market applications. The Defense series SSDs are built with ICs sourced directly from the original manufacturers, and all product components are manufactured to the highest industrial specifications. In terms of MTBF averages, the continuous trouble-free time reaches as high as 5 million hours. These SSDs are available in 2.5", M.2, and MO-300 interface and specification options. Apacer's defense series solutions deliver the highest quality and strictest protection mechanisms and are designed to power some of the toughest aerospace and defense applications.

Download Apacer Defense series SSDs datasheet and flyer.

Apacer’s Rugged SSDs Withstood Eight US Military Standard Tests