Keysight Technologies Inc. (NYSE: KEYS), a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, is pleased to welcome the University of Malaga to the OpenTAP project community, with contributions from the MORSE research team, which is part of the ITIS Software research institute and brings to the community its 4G and 5G measurement and test automation expertise.

OpenTAP is a project for open source test automation launched by Keysight Technologies and Nokia in May 2019.  The project comprises a growing community of developers dedicated to the idea of effortless automation. The core technology is a test sequencer, with the community continuously adding plugins and solutions that support faster development, new functionality and optimization in test. Through these contributions and enhanced collaborations, OpenTAP is inspiring developers to innovate automation solutions in testing and measurement, and beyond. 

“The OpenTAP team welcomes the University of Malaga and the ITIS research institute to the community and we look forward to seeing the developed plugins increase in capability,” said Dan Thomasson, vice president of Keysight Laboratories. “Adding new partners to develop a diverse ecosystem of plugins, which help engineers to leverage OpenTAP in very different context, is important to ensuring that solutions can be used widely by the community.”

The University of Malaga and the MORSE research team have been using OpenTAP to automate its 4G/5G mobile testbed which is used in many different 2020 cooperative programs including Fed4Fire+, TRIANGLE and 5GENESIS. The group has developed and published, as open source, a set of plugins to control Android devices and applications as well as ExoPlayer video streaming agents.  In addition, ITIS Software will include OpenTAP as part of the curriculum for master level students to learn advanced automation skills.

“We are happy to join the OpenTAP community as this tool enables us to take full control of the testbed and get the maximum performance from it,” stated Professor Pedro Merino Gómez, director of the ITIS research institute. “OpenTAP replaces previous heterogeneous technologies to control our 4G/5G platforms and increase our potential to collaborate with other testbed developers.”