Würth Wireless Power Converter as a new kit

February 28, 2017 | 13:00
Partly pre-assembled Wireless
Power Converter
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Würth Elektronik and Elektor Magazine bring you this high-efficiency Wireless Power Converter as a new kit of parts (with all SMDs presoldered!), with a power transfer capacity of 50 watts over distances up to a few centimeters, through any non-conductive material, such as plywood or a dry wall. You’ll have the pleasure to solder yourself a few through-hole components included in the kit, and the two relatively expensive 24 µH transmitter and receiver coils, all generously sponsored by Würth.

This video shows the quick and easy assembly of the kit, followed by a test with two 12 V/10 W light bulbs as a load. This set is now available at an attractive price to enable our Elektor community members to try out this highly promising technology.
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