Are you having electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems on your circuit board and you can't seem to get rid of them? You can with a little help from an expert. In the upcoming webinar, “How Do I Solve EMI Problems on the PCB Level?” you will learn how a developer can tackle EMI problems on the circuit board and prevent them from occurring.
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Webinar: How Do I Solve EMI Problems on the PCB Level?
During the in-depth webinar, Lorandt Foelkel (Application Engineer, Würth Elektronik) will address the following important topics and much more:
  • Requirements in EMC
  • EMI noise sources
  • Filter design
  • Shielded vs. unshielded
  • PCB layout recommendations
Clemens Valens (Technical Manager, Elektor Labs) will guide the webinar and assist Foelkel in taking questions from the webinar audience.


  • November 19, 2020 at 4:00 PM CET
  • Language: English
Lorandt Foelkel and Clemens Valens
Lorandt Foelkel (Würth) and Clemes Valens (Elektor)
The Speakers
Lorandt Foelkel is an application engineer at Würth Elektronik eiSos focused on EMI/EMC and switched mode power supply (SMPS) design for industrial and automotive electronics applications. He serves as the company’s spokesperson on EMC and RF electronic design. Since 2005, Foelkel has led more than 700 seminars for design engineers interested in understanding the EMC problems at the board level. With 30+ years of experience in electronic design, including 20 years in product management for passive components at Würth Elektronik eiSos, Lorandt has widespread experience in EMC, filter design and efficiency improvement for SMPS. After studying at the Transylvania University of Brașov in Kronstadt, he worked for nine years as service engineer for consumer electronics and then four years as a design engineer for ATEX (explosion safety) remote controllers. 
Clemens Valens is the Technical Manager of Elektor Labs. He holds a BSc in Electronics and an MSc in Electronics and Information Technology. Valens started working for Elektor in 2008 as editor in chief of Elektor France, and he has also worked as an editor for Elektor UK/US and He currently produces engineering tutorials and product reviews at In recent videos, Clemens covered the following topics and more: artificial intelligence, GitHub essentials, home automation, getting started with KiCad EDA, and several informative product reviews.

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