More about the STMicroelectronics STM32 Open Development Environment


With the STM32 ODE, your project can grow at the speed of thought as Nucleo development boards have a standardized morpho connector giving access to all of the STM32 I/Os and enabling connections with STM32 Nucleo expansion boards (X-NUCLEO). Expansion boards provide more than 20 different hardware functions including the Connect, Move-Actuate, Power-Drive, Sense and Translate series and can be stacked like building blocks to let your project grow in a modular way. Moreover, STM32 Nucleo development boards also have an Arduino Uno R3 connector for you to easily integrate your favorite shields in your project.

Tired of spending sleepless nights developing software from scratch again and again? Developers will enjoy peace of mind and appreciate having more time to be creative thanks to the STM32 ODE with the STM32Cube software environment and embedded software libraries, including Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) APIs, as well as STM32Cube expansion software (X-CUBE) with pre-defined software projects created for the different expansion boards.

And no, you’re not dreaming: STM32 Nucleo development and expansion boards are budget-friendly and all the software is available for free!