The STM32F446 from STMicroelectronics

December 15, 2014 | 00:45
The STM32F446 from STMicroelectronics
The STM32F446 from STMicroelectronics

Evaluation samples of STMicroelectronics’ STM32F446 range of MCUs are now available. These devices feature ARM Cortex-M4 based processing units with compact 256 or 512 KB on-chip Flash options and 128KB RAM with built-in memory-extension interfaces, extended connectivity and communication capabilities.

The MCUs use ST’s proprietary ART Accelerator, smart architecture, advanced Flash technology and an embedded ARM Cortex-M4 core to achieve a performance of 225 DMIPS and 608 CoreMark  at 180 MHz executing from embedded Flash.

The interface capabilities allow simultaneous communication via multiple interfaces which cater for interactive industrial, scientific, medical, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications, while the advanced process technology, together with dynamic voltage scaling, extensive clock gating and flexible sleep modes offer significant power savings.

Key features:

  • Performance: At 180 MHz, the STM32F446 delivers 225 DMIPS/608 CoreMark performance executing from Flash memory, with 0-wait states. The DSP instructions and the floating point unit expand the range of addressable applications.
  • Power efficiency: Using a 90 nm process the current consumption in run mode and executing from Flash memory is as low as 200 µA/MHz at 180 MHz. In Stop mode, the power consumption is 50 µA typical.
  • Integration:
    • 2 dedicated audio PLL, SPDIF input, 3 half duplex I²S , and 2 serial audio interfaces (SAI) supporting full duplex I²S as well as time division multiplex (TDM) mode.
    • Up to 20 communication interfaces (including 4x USARTs plus 2x UARTs running at up to 11.25 Mbit/s, 4x SPI running at up to 45 Mbit/s, 3x I²C with a new optional digital filter capability, 2x CAN, SDIO, HDMI CEC and camera interface)
    • Two 12-bit DACs, three 12-bit ADCs reaching 2.4 MSPS or 7.2 MSPS in interleaved mode Up to 17 timers: 16- and 32-bit running at up to 180 MHz 
    • Easily extendable memory range using the flexible 90 MHz memory controller with a 32-bit parallel interface, and supporting Compact Flash, SRAM, PSRAM, NOR, NAND and SDRAM memories 
    • Cost effective NOR flash extension thanks to the 90MHz Dual quadSPI interface supporting memory mapped mode

The STM32F446 is sampling now to lead customers. Volume production is scheduled for Q1 2015 in packages from a tiny WLCSP81 measuring just 3.728 x 3.85 mm to a 20x20mm LQFP144 with 256 or 512 KB Flash, all with 128 KB SRAM. Pricing is from $3.75 for the STM32F446RC in 64-pin LQFP64 package with 256 KB Flash and 128 KB SRAM for orders of 10,000 units.

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