After several exciting months of competition, during which dozens of innovative projects were submitted, the 2024 STM32 Wireless Innovation Design Contest (presented by STMicroelectronics and Elektor) has crowned its top three winners after an intense period of evaluation. As luck would have it, three Frenchmen won the podium places: Cédric Jimenez from Chambéry, Alain Romaszewski from Amélie-les-Bains, and Balthazar Deliers from Sequedin. Congratulations to all of them for their hard work!

Winning STM32-Based Projects

After meticulous scrutiny, the judges announced the winners on April 10, 2024, at the STMicroelectronics booth (4A-148) during the embedded world 2024 trade fair. The top three winners emerged from the pool of exceptional entries, each bringing a unique perspective to the realm of wireless technology.
ST Contest
From left to right: CJ Abate (Elektor), Thibaut Dontail (4th), Yvon Rannou (ST), Balthazar Deliers (3rd), Erik Jansen (Elektor), Cédric Jimenez (1st), Roman Ludin (ST).
Claiming the prestigious First Prize (€2,500) was Cédric Jimenez, with his Open-Vario project: an open-source, multi-functional connected variometer for paragliding and hang gliding, equipped with features like GNSS positioning, accelerometer, temperature sensing, glide ratio computation, and flight data recording, all based on the STM32WB5MM-DK discovery kit. The judges were thoroughly impressed by the design, the features of the project, as well as the level of detail used by Cédric in the extensive documentation he wrote. Congratulations, Cédric for this well-deserved victory!
STM32 contest open-vario
Alain Romaszewski wins the Second Prize (€1,500) with his ZigBee Environmental Measurement Center for indoor plants or greenhouses, using the STM32WB5MM-DK kit. It features sensors for monitoring soil humidity, temperature, ambient conditions, and CO2 levels, and includes automated watering and lighting systems based on these measurements, with data management via a server MQTT and Node-RED application. Well done, Alain, for this very well documented and skillfully designed project, which uses numerous external modules while sporting a neat 3D-printed case.
STM32 Contest - ZigBee environmental  measurement center
ZigBee environmental measurement center
The Third Prize (€1,000) went to Balthazar Deliers for his Electric Meter that Matters, which integrates a Linky smart electricity meter with a smart home ecosystem using the Matter over Thread protocol, enabling real-time monitoring of power consumption via smartphone. The setup includes custom hardware for data conversion and connection to the STM32WB5MM-DK dev kit, software development in C/C++ and Python, and a smart home integration that visualizes energy usage. All of this demonstrates an innovative approach to home energy management. Well done!
STM32 Contest Electric Meter
Electric Meter that Matters

STM32 Wireless Innovation and Inspiration

The STM32 Wireless Innovation Design Contest provided a platform for inventors and technology enthusiasts to unleash their creativity and explore many different paths in the realm of wireless applications. From IoT to home automation, the contest has showcased the diverse ways in which wireless technology can shape the future. Are you inspired? As you develop your own STM32-based projects, we encourage you to share your innovations with the global electronics community. You are welcome to post your projects on the Elektor Labs online platform

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