Power module design-in made easy

REDEXPERT, the online platform for the simple selection, simulation, and design-in of Würth Elektronik components, now features a new function. The MagI³C Power Module Designer enables the swift and hassle-free integration of a power module into an application without requiring special DC/DC converter skills. The tool guides developers step-by-step through the entire selection and configuration process. The automatically created design proposal is rendered as a PDF file, together with a list of the components required. The tool also offers an option for the direct order of samples of selected Würth Elektronik components.
Würth Elektronik erweitert Online-Simulationstool REDEXPERT um MagI³C Power Module Designer
New in REDEXPERT: the MagI³C Power Module Designer
Image source: Würth Elektronik
Whenever you wish to use a MagI³C power module in the development of an application, the intuitive input mask guides you through the selection process, which asks you to enter the requirements of the application, such as input and output voltage and load current. After answering questions about whether the voltage supply needs to be galvanically isolated, you’re presented with an initial proposal for a suitable MagI³C power module. This proposal then forms the basis for the individual configuration of parameters; for example potentiometers for the output voltage, input and output capacitors, or switching frequency. The data for the application are then used to run a simulation of the power module, enabling you to analyse its performance parameters of the power module, such as efficiency, output-voltage ripple, and input-current consumption.

The design proposal can then be used to order the required samples directly from Würth Elektronik, which delivers components for pilot and serial production runs directly ex stock without any minimum order quantity.