Happy New Year! 2023 was a remarkable year for electronics innovators. Elektor covered the following topics in electronics and much more: Raspberry Pi 5, KiCad 7, Arduino UNO R4, handy Espressif solutions, Rust, AI/ML, and AIoT. Join us as we take a look back at 2023 and offer a glimpse ahead to 2024. We’ll start by outlining Elektor’s approach to publishing, electronics project design, and product development in 2024. As you will see, we have countless hours of DIY electronics projects, engineering tutorials, technical webinars, product reviews, in-depth interviews, and much more in store for you. Whether you want to immerse yourself in a specific subject area (e.g., embedded systems or IoT) or collaborate with our engineers on a new product, we have exciting offerings and opportunities for everyone. Let’s make 2024 another year to remember!

2024: Verticals, Projects, and More

In the upcoming weeks and months, Elektor’s approach to content creation will center on educating and inspiring community members about specific electronics-related subject areas (i.e., “verticals,” as we call them in-house). The subject areas include:
Elektor 2024 editorial calendar - electronics projects and more

While we have always provided the community with various content and projects relating to such subjects, we will take an even more structured approach to covering these topics in the coming year. By assigning teams of in-house engineers, editors, and electronics experts to each, we will endeavor to deliver projects, tutorials, interviews, books, products, and more in each subject area throughout the year. What is new about this approach? The concepts of topic immersion and conversion thinking. Over time, readers and Elektor community members will be able to immerse themselves (over the course of hours, days, or months) in the topic of their choice with articles, electronics projects, webinars, courses, books, bundles, livestreams, and more. As we deliver content for each subject area, we encourage you to participate and to collaborate with us: send us your article proposals, post your projects on the Labs platform, and pitch us your product (e.g., books or kits) ideas. We look forward to working with you!

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Electronics Innovation in 2023

In 2023, we published a wide range of content, from our January 2023 magazine about audio-video tech to the 2023 Circuit Special to the Espressif guest-edited edition that we published in December. We also kicked off the STM32 Wireless Innovation Design Contest, launched the Elektor Marketplace, attended various events (e.g., Embedded World 2023 and the 2023 Raspberry Pi Resellers Event), welcomed new colleagues, upgraded the Elektor Lab in Aachen, Germany, and more. Let me point you to a few highlights.

Notable 2023 Products and Editions  
linear voltage regulator - Elektor Electronics Product
±40-V Linear Voltage Regulator: An Alternative Power Supply
Elektor Cloc 2.0
Elektor Cloc 2.0 Kit
Notable 2023 Articles and Projects
Elektor Marketplace
  • Looking to buy or sell electronics equipment, components, and tools? Visit the Elektor Marketplace to interact directly with other engineers and makers interested in buying and selling.

STM32 Design Contest
  • The STM32 Wireless Innovation Design Contest launched in 2023. The submission deadline is February 19, 2024. It gives innovators the opportunity to showcase their creativity and design skills by creating exciting wireless applications using the powerful dev and eval boards from STMicroelectronics. Whether you're passionate about IoT, robotics, home automation, or AI, the possibilities are endless. €5,000 in cash prizes are up for grabs!

Notable 2023 Videos, Webinars and Shows
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