The STMicroelectronics MDmesh M6 high-voltage super-junction MOSFETs offer improved PFC (Power Factor Correction) and LLC efficiency especially at light load conditions for increased power density. They are available at

Combining low gate charge (Qg), an optimized capacitance profile, enhanced efficiency at light load and high switching frequencies, the MDmesh M6 power MOSFETs are today’s reference for resonant topologies. In addition to good switching behavior for hard switching, the MOSFETs offer enhanced soft switching behavior thanks to optimized threshold voltage. They open up new possibilities for designers of power converters with high efficiency and power density.

ST’s M6 super-junction technology helps reduce on-state resistance (RDS(ON)) to as little as 0.036Ohm, unleashing extra efficiency gains and increasing power density in equipment such as battery chargers, Silver Box modules, power adapters, LED-lighting drivers, telecom and server power supplies, and solar inverters.

With a breakdown voltage ranging from 600 to 700V, MDmesh M6 power MOSFETs are available in a wide range of package options including TO-Leadless (TOLL) for efficient thermal management.

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