AdvertisementA platform for evaluating the main features and performance of the TMAG6180-Q1 and TMAG6181-Q1

The evaluation module includes a graphical user interface (GUI) used to read data from the onboard ADS8354 and view and save measurement results. Also included is a 3D-printed rotate and push module to test the common functions of angle measurement and push button with a single device.
TMAG6180-6181EVM Sensor Evaluation Module
The Texas Instruments TMAG6180-6181EVM is intended to provide a basic functional evaluation of the devices. The layout is not intended to be a model for the target circuit, nor is the model laid out for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing. The evaluation module is designed to interface with the TI-SCB but can be used as a standalone device if desired.


  • Onboard 16-bit analog-to-digital converter
  • Easy USB measurements using the sensor control board (TI-SCB)
  • Differential sine and cosine analog outputs
  • Rotate and push module

Kit Contents

  • TMAG6180-6181EVM evaluation board
  • 3-D printed rotate and push module

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