Interested in industrial motor control? Watch the recently recorded webinar, "How to Increase Reliability & Robustness for Industrial Motor Control," which is brought to you by Elektor in cooperation with Mouser Electronics, to familiarize yourself with the subject. Didier Balocco (ON Semiconductor) and Jan Buiting (Elektor) dive deep into the topic and address a few questions from the audience. 

Webinar Replay: How to Increase Reliability & Robustness for Industrial Motor Control

Learn About Industrial Motor Control and More

In the webinar, Didier Balocco (Technical Marketing Manager for Power Applications, ON Semiconductor) talks about creating motor drives in the range from 5 kW to 100 kW. The one thing you need is power! But there are a few different types of power modules to choose from: Intelligent Power Modules (IPM), Power Integrated Modules, and Transfer Moulded – Power Integrated Modules (TM-PIM). What ate the differences? Which technology is right for your specific application? Balocco offers some insight.

You will learn about the following and more:
  • The pros and cons of the available solutions (IPM vs PIM vs TM-PIM)
  • The existing solutions from ON Semiconductor
  • The newest TM-PIM concept

At the end of the informative webinar, Balocco and Buiting field questions from the audience, including:
  • How does the TM-PIM package affect the parasitic inductance between the DC link terminals, and high-side and low-side switches compared to other packages?
  • How do the packages compare under extreme relative humidity?
  • What is the largest motor your customers have told you they were using?

Interested in all other questions (and the answers)? Download Q&A


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