Voyager 3 wireless condition-based monitoring platform
The contents of the Voyager 3 wireless condition-based monitoring (CBM) kit from Analog Devices.

Condition-based monitoring in less than fifteen minutes

Condition-based monitoring (CBM) is used to predict and prevent failure of a machine, tool or other asset by continuously monitoring its condition. The Voyager 3 wireless CBM platform from Analog Devices lets you set up such a system in less than fifteen minutes. The kit’s vibration sensor (a.k.a. ‘Mote’) is intended to be attached to an asset like a pump, compressor, ventilator, CNC machine, conveyer belt, or even a robot. Anything can do, even an asset that is not supposed to vibrate at all but may do so due to an impact or shock (e.g. an earthquake).

In a free article, in collaboration with Mouser Electronics, we will have a detailed look at the kit, the sensor, and the software, and what you can do with it. We tried the wireless vibration sensor on a mechanical ventilation system and looked at the data. We managed to capture ventilator vibration data from another building with 25 m distance between the Mote and the receiving system while all the doors and windows were closed.

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