Here at Elektor we love electronics design and games. The same goes for Mouser Electronics. That's why we present the RSL10 Quiz together. Are you interested in applications with temperature sensors? Then join the quiz and you can win your own RSL10-COIN-GEVB evaluation board!
To be eligible for a price, you should first carefully study the schematic of the RSL10-COIN-GEVB. Then we will ask you three multiple-choice questions. If you answer these questions correctly, you automatically qualify to win one of the five RSL10-COIN-GEVB evaluation boards. Please read the general terms and conditions first.

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About the board
ON Semiconductor's RSL10-COIN-GEVB is an ultra-low-power Bluetooth beacon powered from a button cell. The card includes a temperature sensor type NCT375 and an RSL10, the industry's most energy-efficient Bluetooth-5 SoC. With the included CR2032 button cell, this beacon can send a data packet every 2 seconds for about six years.