The ADALM-SR1 Switching Regulator Active Learning Module is a flexible platform for experimenting with switched-mode power supplies (SMPS). As its name indicates, it is an educational module and not an evaluation board for a switched-mode regulator IC or family of ICs.
Top view of the ADALM-SR1. It measures 178 x 77 mm and is packed with pinheaders.
(Source: Analog Devices)
The ADALM-SR1 comes as a preassembled module because switched-mode power supplies are not suitable for breadboarding. The SR1 also features current sense amplifiers, an adjustable electronic load, and feedback signal injection circuitry. This eliminates the need for expensive measurement equipment as the signals of interest can be observed with a multimeter and/or oscilloscope. Note that the SR1 is intended as a companion board for the ADALM2000 Active Learning Module – a tiny low-cost electronics lab – but it can also be used without it.

The ADALM-SR1 also includes protective circuitry like overvoltage, -current, -load, and -temperature protection to avoid damaging the board due to ill-considered or misguided manipulations.

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An exclusive Elektor article reviews the module and explores its capabilities using courses from the Analog Devices University Program.

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Test setup showing the ADALM-SR1 (bottom left) connected to a power supply, an ADALM2000 and a multimeter.