AdvertisementDesigned to make more out of the Raspberry Pi 4 by providing a housing system that is modular, smart, and simple.

This RasPi enclosure is easy to assemble and flexible in design to fit a variety of projects, such as building and programming smart home devices or automating small applications. The u-maker Box features secure, expandable packaging that can also be used in industrial environments and fits on the top hat rail of control cabinets. The enclosure's internal accessories allow electronic components, third-party boards, and other components to be installed. The external holder is compatible with simple action cam accessories, enabling the enclosure to be mounted flexibly in many places or supplemented with external accessories. The Weidmuller UH20 u-maker Box lineup includes a base kit and an extension kit.
UH20 u-maker Box


  • Housing system that is modular, smart, and simple
  • Flexible in design
  • Attach RasPi and PCBs quickly and easily
  • Fits variety of projects, including industrial environments
  • Secure, expandable packaging
  • Wall mounting or attachment to frame is possible
  • Fits on top hat rail of control cabinets
  • Use action cam equipment for even easier handling

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