AdvertisementSelf-locking and highly reliable circular backshells that withstand high vibrations
These MIL-spec backshells are manufactured with high-end aerospace grade aluminum and composite materials. The AS85049/88/89/90 Composite backshells feature 2 self-locking mechanisms. Non-self-locking options are also available for mild environments. The circular MIL spec backshells are available in several surface finishes compliant with applicable environmental regulations. These backshells offer a very wide variety of circular solutions such as ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI), environmental, straight, 45° and 90° etc.

These backshells offer signal integrity by facilitating shield attachment. Typical applications include aviation, ground army. military marine, military aircraft, and ground transportation. The AS85049 backshells operate at -65°C to 300°C temperature range.
Composite Backshells


  • Self-locking detented coupling
  • Aerospace grade thermoplastic
  • Plating compliance
  • EMI/RFI protection
  • Harsh weather protection
  • Signal integrity
  • Wide variety of circular solutions 
  • Shrink boot grove
  • Lightweight


  • Aviation 
  • Ground transportation 
  • Industry
  • Ground army
  • Military aircraft
  • Military marine

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