AdvertisementCompact form factor and integrated matching to utilize layout space in applications.

Designed for the demands of Wi-Fi 7 (802.11be) systems. The amplifier (PA) is designed to adapt to a wide range of supply voltage (3.0V < VCC < 5.0V), ensuring maximum versatility. The device's multiple Wi-Fi and BT TX modes empower users to fine-tune output power, linearity, and power dissipation, effectively conserving energy consumption while delivering exceptional linear output power.
QM42500 2.4GHz Wi-Fi ® 7 Front End Module


  • POUT = +16.5dBm MCS13 HE40 -40dB Dynamic EVM (TXH)
  • POUT = +17.5dBm MCS11 HE40SU -38dB Dynamic EVM (TXH)
  • POUT = +19.0dBm MCS9 VHT20/40 -38dB Dynamic EVM (TXH)
  • POUT = +20.5dBm MCS7 HT40 -31dB Dynamic EVM (TXH)
  • Optimized for a broad range of operating voltages for mobile applications
  • 29dB Tx Gain (TXH)
  • 1.8dB Noise Figure
  • 17dB Rx Gain (High Gain), 16dB RX Gain (Low Current), and 1.8dB bypass loss
  • Multiple Wi-Fi TX and BT TX states for the efficient operation
  • Integrated power coupler


  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Computing
  • VR/AR goggles
  • Wi-Fi routers

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