To ease the design process and accelerate time to market, developers can use the ATSAMV71-XULT evaluation board. The devices are supported by Atmel Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing, debugging and software libraries.  Both devices will also be supported in MPLAB® Harmony version 3.0 by mid-2019.  
The SAMRH71 in CQFP256 ceramic package is sampling today, and the SAMV71Q21RT is available today in volume production quantities in four derivatives:
  • SAMV71Q21RT-DHB-E in ceramic prototype QFP144 package 
  • SAMV71Q21RT-DHB-MQ in ceramic space-grade QFP144 package, QMLQ equivalent 
  • SAMV71Q21RT-DHB-SV in ceramic space-grade QFP144 package, QMLV equivalent
  • SAMV71Q21RT-DHB-MQ in plastic QFP144 package, AQEC high-reliability qualified
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            Radiation-tolerant Arm-based MCUs
            Radiation-hardened Arm-based MCUs
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