Microchip have introduced evaluation kits for developers to integrate sensors into a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN). Each kit includes two ‘Motes’ (LoRaWAN sensor boards), a LoRaWAN gateway and a local LoRaWAN server application.

Using LoRa technology allows the modules to achieve a range of 10 miles which means that relatively few gateways are required to implement a wide-area network of sensors and provide reliable internet connectivity. LoRa uses low data rate, intermittent communication which gives the sensor module a battery life of many years.   

The DV164140-1 kit is suitable for the European 868 MHz band while the DV164140-2 kit operates on the North American 915 MHz band. The kits contain two Mote boards (type DM164138 for Europe or DM164139 for the US) fitted with a PIC18LF25K50 microcontroller, an OLED display, a light sensor and a thermistor.

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