The new hubs also support driver assistance applications that are available on all mobile handsets, allowing the graphical user interface of a phone to be displayed on a vehicle’s screen while simultaneously charging the mobile device.
With smartphones increasingly requiring more than standard BC 1.2 power, designers of electronic systems need to be able to easily implement basic high-powered charging in systems. The UPD301A provides a simple, standalone solution for implementing USB Type-C PD charging in a variety of applications. The device supports both single and dual-port operation and uses a pin-configurable implementation that focuses on ease of use. The UPD301 complements Microchip’s expansive family of USB hubs and enables solutions from charge-only to full data, video and power management.
The USB705x and UPD301 come with a complete solution including the MPLAB® Connect Configurator hub configuration tool, evaluation boards with schematics and Gerber files to reduce development time.

The UPD301A and USB705x family are available today:
Device PD upstream PD Type-C downstream Standard Type-C downstream* Type-A downstream
USB7050** Yes 2 ports None 2 ports
USB7051 Yes 1 port 1 port 2 ports
USB7052 Yes None 2 ports 2 ports
USB7056 Yes None 1 port 5 ports
*Standard Type-C means 15W power only (does not include PD).
**Automotive qualified (AEC-Q100)

For more information, visit: USB705x and UPD301A