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USB On-the-Go, OLED and capacitive touch pad

Microchip Starter kit for the PIC24F family

USB On-the-Go, OLED and capacitive touch pad
The new evaluation board for the PIC24F 16-bit microcontroller family is supplied in a DVD box and has a very comprehensive set of features. It has an integrated programmer and debugger, a capacitive touch pad, a small OLED display, a processor and, above all, no fewer than three USB ports!
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Technical Features PIC24F Starter kit DM240011
• Microcontroller PIC24FJ256-GB106
• USB 2.0 OTG
• 256 KB flash memory
• 16 KB RAM
• OLED display 128x64 pixels
• Capacitive touch pad
• Potentiometer
• Integrated programmer/debugger
• Includes MPLAB, ASM30, C30 and source code
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