Digitally enhanced analog power

November 30, 2016 | 15:00
Cuk Converter Application  (click to enlarge)
Cuk Converter Application (click to enlarge)
For DC DC power conversion applications, for example in servers and for battery charging, or more generally in commercial, industrial or automotive applications, Microchip announces their new DEPA controllers (DEPA = Digitally Enhanced Power Analogue) capable of current and voltage regulation while monitoring temperature.

The MCP19124/5 digitally controls the charging algorithms for all types of battery chemistry, and can equalize cells and charge super capacitors. It is the only single chip battery charger configurable for any charge profile, any voltage or battery chemistry, and any cell configuration. Users can also specify their own charging methods. A voltage, current, temperature or time threshold can trigger the change to a new phase of charging. This circuit allows precise regulation in Flyback, Boost, SEPIC and Cuk topologies.

Other features:

  • Either the current control loop limits the current, or the voltage control loop regulates the voltage, with each loop having its own feedback.
  • Smooth, dynamic transitions from constant-current to constant-voltage operation using the unique control loop architecture. Presetting of the output voltage, to avoid load switching transients.
  • Performance configurable and adjustable during operation - parameters are set in internal registers.
  • Linear regulator, MOSFET drivers, 8 bit PIC Microcontroller, 10 bit ADC, precision oscillator and analog control loops integrated on-chip.
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