Temperature sensors accurate to -40°C

November 14, 2016 | 13:00
Temperature sensors accurate to -40°C
Temperature sensors accurate to -40°C
With a local (on chip) precision of ±1°C over a range of temperature from –40°C to +65°C, and a remote (up to 3 external sensors) precision of ±1°C extended up to +125°C, the MCP990X digital temperature sensor offers an economic and flexible solution for external of industrial environments.

Up to 4 channels for low temperature measurement, I2C/SMBus

Apart from temperature measurement on two, three or four channels, the MCP990X offers a compact solution which integrates error correction to compensate for voltage drops, and noise reduction by randomizing sampling times. This permits an ultra precise temperature measurement using an external diode up to 30 metres from the IC, while minimizing the noise injected into the system, simplifying card layout

Development tools

An ADM00615 evaluation board  allows evaluation using a two channel digital temperature sensor. The card shows how to read the temperature via SMBus, with two alarms.
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