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Unbeatable Price: Elektor & Microchip Gesture & Touch Control Development Kit

November 27, 2014 | 08:03
Unbeatable Price: Elektor & Microchip Gesture & Touch Control Development Kit
Unbeatable Price: Elektor & Microchip Gesture & Touch Control Development Kit

Here at Elektor we not only write about gesture and touch control implementation on microcontroller programmers systems, we come up with the goods by offering an exclusive product bundle in cooperation with Microchip. The bundle consists of the MGC3130 Hillstar Single Zone Development Kit, and the 3D Touchpad. The dev kit in the bundle serves the microcontroller fans among you, the 3D Touchpad, those of you into PC programming.

The Development Kit comprises an MGC3130 Module, an I2C to USB Bridge Module, a 4-layer Reference Electrode (95 x 60 mm sensitive area), a ‘Hand Brick’ set (self-assembly, 4 foam blocks, 1 copper foil), and a USB cable for PC connection. The kit enables the MGC3130 to be parameterized and the associated Gestic® technology to be explored in great depth. The downloadable Aurea software tool provides a graphic aid to viewing signals, perform logging, and set up the MGC3130. The kit also provides advice and tools to designing electrodes specifically for your application.

The 3D Touchpad in the product bundle is a ready manufactured 3D Tracking and Gesture controller with mouse functionality included. Out of the box it adds a large sensitive touchpad to any PC, tablet or embedded system with USB. Internally, a single PCB implements both the electrodes for the 3D sensing as well as the touch sensor matrix for the touchpad. Two articles in Elektor’s November and December 2014 editions provide unique applications and get-u-going information to implement gesture and touch control on the Raspberry Pi using a playful application. Linux users can play Tux Racer.

The new product bundle is available exclusively from the Elektor Store. By special arrangement with Microchip the price of the bundle is lower than that of the two individual parts from Microchip direct.

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