Arduino Uno on safer ground after completion of Atmel takeover

April 6, 2016 | 19:33
Atmel takeover completed
Atmel takeover completed
The acquisition of Atmel by Microchip has been approved by Atmel’s stockholders, which completes the takeover from a financial point of view. The next step is to integrate Atmel into Microchip. How exactly this will be done has not been communicated yet. This lack of information may lead to the supposition that Atmel as a brand will disappear. Most stockholders will not care, but Elektor readers probably do wonder what this acquisition will mean for Arduino and its users that heavily rely on Atmel microcontrollers. Microchip did reassure Atmel product users by repeating that, in their 25+ years of existence, they have never put any product on End-of-Life and they will continue to keep up this practice for products from both companies. This implies that the Arduino Uno has achieved a sort of immortality and will remain producible as long as Microchip stays in business.

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