Microchip University provides all sorts of courses about designing embedded applications. One of these courses explains how to rapidly prototype Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Android apps by using MIT App Inventor. The class provides the engineer with a hands-on introduction to Android App development using MIT App Inventor. All the steps required to develop an Android App that interacts with the AVR-BLE board are presented in great detail. At the end of the class the student will have a fully functional app on her/his Android device that can be modified to taste.

In this webinar, Keith Donadio from Microchip will guide you through the course. He shows several videos from the course and provides more detail on their contents. The most important aspects of the technology are covered and supported with useful background information. As it is a webinar, questions from the participants are answered in the Q&A session at the end. After completing the class (not this webinar) the student will receive a certificate.

Some prior knowledge of the basic Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol is required and will not be covered in this class.