New SCH322X I/O-controllers from Microchip

March 4, 2016 | 22:14
New SCH322X I/O-controllers from Microchip
New SCH322X I/O-controllers from Microchip
The new SCH322X-series I/O controllers are comprehensively equipped, flexible and geared towards the requirements of industrial and embedded computing designers. The next-gen product series is housed in smaller packages and has a longer production life. This allows a better price/performance ratio to be realized.

The controllers offer users a combination of products for industrial and embedded applications. Each product in the series has its own set of specifications, where serial ports, a parallel port and PS/2 can be combined with flexible GPIO and temperature and voltage monitors. Designed to operate within the x86 architecture, there a six different controllers, which are tailored for different applications. The choice of options ranges from, for example, a varying number of serial ports, hardware monitors and the absence or presence of a keyboard controller. The series is offered in space-saving BGA packages to permit PCBs to be designed as compact as possible.

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Blockdiagram SCH3227
Blockdiagram for the new Microchip SCH3227 (Zipped). The new SCH322X Product Family Combines Input/Output Functionality with Hardware Monitoring for More Cost-Effective Industrial Applications
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