The new KSZ8061 single-chip 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet physical-layer transmitter/receiver from Microchip is classified for automotive and industrial applications and has been designed for data communications over cheap UTP cables. This is the first component of a new series that is based on the patented and programmable Quiet-WIRE® EMC technology, which offers reduced line emissions and superior receiver performance. The system reliability is also improved with Microchip's proven LinkMD+® advanced cable diagnostics in addition to the built-in signal-quality indicator for dynamic control of the margins of interconnection disturbances.

For energy-efficient applications Microchip's integrated EtherGREEN™ technology provides a unique, ultra-deep sleep mode with wake-up on signal detection, where the power consumption in standby mode is reduced down to the sub-microamp range.
With its fast start-up time and establishing a connection in less than 20 ms, the KSZ8061 is ideal for applications where start-up time is critical, such as rear-vision cameras for cars. The KSZ8061 series is available with a wide temperature range of -40 tot +105 °C for applications in demanding environments, such as industrial sensor networks, robotics, building automation and aviation.

This series of Ethernet PHY transmitters/receivers offers support for both MII as well as the RMII processor interfaces, for simple integration with a wide range of processors, MCUs and SoCs.

The evaluation board that permits the functionality and performance of the KSZ8061 to be tested is the KSZ8061MNX.

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