The Microchip University course “ARM Cortex-M Architecture Overview” covers the architectural differences of the Cortex-M cores and will help you select which device is the best choice for your own application.

The ARM Cortex-M cores are extremely popular with embedded designers and cover a wide range of capabilities and performance. Ever wondered about the actual differences between the various cores? M0+, M23, M3, M4, M7? Why should a designer use one core over another? Or, when would a design benefit from a more powerful core in the family?

In this webinar, John Haroian, Staff Embedded Solutions Engineer at Microchip, covers the most important aspects of the technology. He provides background information, shows several videos from the course, and goes into more detail about the content in these videos. Many questions are answered by him as well.

The full course is about 140 minutes long and goes into much greater detail. Take it as it is a very interesting class and, much less important, of course, it is free.

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