Microchip has expanded its line of power monitoring ICs with the new MCP39F511N. In addition to providing standard power calculations and monitoring two loads simultaneously, the IC simplifies the overall circuit design. The MCP39F511N has three integrated A/D converters to measure the supply voltage and two load currents, a 16-bit calculation engine, EEPROM, and a versatile 2-wire interface. The two-channel monitoring IC is ideal for making measurements on high-power electrical equipment.
The MCP39F511N has an integrated reference voltage source with low drift, which in combination with the excellent 94.5 dB signal to noise ratio of the current A/D converters allows each current to be measured with better than 0.5% accuracy over a very wide dynamic range of 4000:1. The numerous functions integrated in the IC, including active, reactive and apparent power calculation, active and reactive energy metering, true RMS current and voltage calculation and AC line frequency and power factor measurement, significantly simplify the design of a complete monitoring circuit and reduce the number of external components required.
The MCP39F511N is supplied in an 28-lead 5x5 mm QFN package and is supported by Microchip’s ADM00706 Power Monitor Evaluation Board.