Program PIC microcontrollers from the cloud

February 15, 2016 | 15:44
Program PIC microcontrollers from the cloud
Program PIC microcontrollers from the cloud
Are cloud-based software development environments for microcontrollers the future? After mbed and CodeBender this new online platform targets PIC microcontrollers. Zero downloads and no sign-in or setup needed to start designing. Early birds, fly to the cloud and get a dev board for free! MPLAB-Xpress is Microchip's new, free, cloud-based IDE, offering a library of code examples, an interface to MPLAB Code Configurator, integrated MPLAB XC compilers, support for programmer/debugger hardware, and 10 GB of secure online storage. Migrating projects to the offline MPLAB X IDE is easy. The online IDE supports the PICkit3 In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer, which provides programming and debugging capabilities for over 1,000 PIC MCUs. Early adopters of the new IDE can apply for a free MPLAB Xpress Evaluation Board (limited availability). This board features an integrated programmer, a PIC16F18855 MCU and a mikroBUS header for system expansion with MikroElektronika’s more than 180 Click...

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